Editing Services

Now that you know a bit about me, let’s determine how I can best help you and your manuscript! I offer a few different services: developmental editing, line editing, copyediting, and proofreading.

So... what's the difference?

There are various definitions of and opinions about what each type of editing entails. For example, some people refer to copyediting and line editing interchangeably. Here are my personal definitions:

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing’s name encompasses what it means: editing that assists you in developing your story. This kind of editing helps lay the foundation for a great story. It covers suggested changes to story design—plot, character arcs and development, setting, pacing, and literary elements like tension, symbolism, and theme.

Line Editing

Line editing is more about the art of writing than the science of it. It does not deal with objective errors but rather helps you hone your craft. Line editing smooths out your prose (sentence flow, paragraph structure, word choice), ensures readability and continuity, and helps you develop and maintain a consistent voice and style.


Copyediting deals with the technical—the grammar, spelling, and punctuation—errors in your manuscript. It ensures your writing adheres to the accepted rules of the English language.


Proofreading is the final step in the editing process. All manuscripts—yes, even the edited ones!—have typos. Proofreading introduces a fresh set of eyes to your manuscript and ensures every last typo is caught before it’s deemed ready for publication.

That's great to know, but which kind of editing do I need?

Without speaking to you and seeing a sample of your manuscript, I can’t adequately answer this question for you. However, if you need help determining which service is right for you, I can help!