General Editing Questions

Do I really need an editor?

In general, yes. Editors have specialized knowledge and skills that ensure your manuscript is ready for publication. Because of our training and experience, we can identify potential issues or weaknesses in your manuscript that you might have missed and help polish it before it reaches readers. I am a firm believer that everyone needs someone to edit their work—even editors themselves.

However, if you have to choose between rent or groceries for the month and editing, I don’t suggest hiring a freelance editor. Instead, contact me for general resources and help finding critique partners or beta readers—although they aren’t professional editors (for the most part), they can still help you refine and polish your manuscript.

What type of editing do I need?

Without seeing a sample of your manuscript, it’s impossible for me to determine which kind of editing you’d most benefit from. However, here’s a rough guide:

  • If you have a story that you think might need a little more work in terms of plot or characterization, but that you can’t figure out how to fix, you probably want developmental editing.
  • If you have all the story kinks worked out, but you would like to ensure your prose is smooth, readable, and free of errors, you probably need line and/or copyediting.
  • If you’ve already had your story copyedited, but you need a final quality check before publication, you’re looking for proofreading.

Still not sure what you need? You can send me a 2,500-word sample from the middle of your manuscript (and some additional information), and I’ll give you my assessment.

Will hiring an editor ensure I get an agent or that my book becomes a bestseller?

No. Editors help make your manuscript the best version of itself, but that isn’t a guarantee of success. Publishing is tricky, and getting traditionally published depends on about a million different factors. If an editor tells you that paying them to edit your book guarantees that you will get published and become a millionaire, they’re not telling you the truth. No one can promise that.

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